Caralluma – Promoting A Healthy Weight Loss

Many people who desire to lose weight are relying on diet supplements and various pills in order to reduce their weight. Food cravings, fatigue and low energy levels are only a few of the obstacles that occur in their way to achieve the weight loss desired. This is where Caralluma appears.

Known for its powerful effects in suppressing the appetite, Caralluma Fimbriata is actually a succulent variety of the cactus family, found in some Indian deserts. Claimed to block several enzymes and stopping the deposition of excessive fat in the body, Caralluma also burns the stored fat, suppresses the appetite and it is a great weapon in the fight against the excessive weight.

The compounds that make from Caralluma so efficient for the weight loss are: pregnane glycosides, megastigmane glycosides, saponins, flavonoids, tomentogenin and sitosterol.

Recommended to be ingested 500mg of extract twice a day for 60 days, Caralluma decreases the waist circumference, suppresses the appetite, enhances the endurance, raises the metabolic rate, increases the energy levels, reduces fatigue, removes toxins from the body and fights against obesity.

Just like Hoodia extract, Caralluma helps consumers controlling their food portions, suppressing the appetite, burning the excessive fat and providing energy to support a more intensive physical activity, therefore losing weight.

Other than weight loss, Caralluma extract also reduces the levels of blood sugar, increases the body’s endurance capacity and assist the body burning the stored fat, while raising the energy level and boosting the metabolism.

Punishing through diet is not necessary anymore, since the consumers have now the assistance of Caralluma. The users will get to ingest fewer calories while not experiencing hunger and, with more energy, they will easily lose weight.

Also, some studies have proven that the products with extract of Caralluma Fimbriata have the ability to promote lean muscle mass. The antioxidants contained are a great anti-ageing compound, the Omega-9 fatty acids support the anti-inflammatory conditions like arthritis, the cholesterol levels are lowered and the fatigue is refuted.

Although many consumers haven’t notice any side effects, ingesting Caralluma may affect some consumers. The unwanted side effects include stomach upset, constipation, intestinal gas, stomach pain. But if these effects appear, they only manifest within the first week of treatment.

The products with Caralluma extract are not recommended in pregnancy or breast-feeding, because there are not known enough facts about the use of Caralluma during these conditions.

A lot of suppliers provide products based on Caralluma extract, but only the supplements with 100% natural extract are effective. It has to be mentioned that, in order to promote a healthy weight loss, it is recommended to take the supplements with Caralluma extract together with healthy food habits and proper physical exercises.

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