The Paleo diet – A controversial nutritional plan

For most of us, healthy eating is not quite simple, even if many people suggest that it is easy and effortless. You probably discovered by now that there are countless different weight loss programs and diets to select from, but many of these plans contradict each other.

The Paleo diet is a weight loss plan in vogue and it keeps increasing in popularity. Also known as the Paleolithic diet, caveman diet, Stone Age diet, preagricultural diet, Neanderthin diet and other names, this eating plan became famous among celebrities, some of them being Jessica Biel, Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Megan Fox.

Based on the presumed diet of Paleolithic humans, the Paleo diet consists mostly of grass-fed pasture raised meats, fish, eggs, fruits, vegetables, fungi, roots and nuts. This nutritional plan excludes the consumption of legumes, grains, dairy products, potatoes, processed oils as well as refined salt and sugar.

Claimed to reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and many chronic diseases, this diet improves the athletic performance if it is followed while having an intense daily routine of exercises, it helps users lose weight, increases libido, raises the metabolism and the energy rate and promises a longer, more active and healthier life.

The Paleo diet has a high nutrient density, providing great amounts of vitamins and minerals, it doesn’t include counting or measuring the intake of food but it requires a lot of physical exercises, in order to make as much activity as made by people during Paleolithic era.

However, the Paleo diet demands a huge change of eating practices, which is why many people are not capable to follow it. Some of the recommended foods, such as grass fed beef, are quite expensive and even hard to find while some people are worried because they think that the necessary amount of calcium will not be absorbed in the organism, if they do not eat dairy products. But many greens have a lot of calcium and a lot of the world’s population cannot ingest dairy products, because their organism can’t process it, yet they live just fine.

Many critics have doubted the correctness and reliability of the science on which this nutritional plan is based. Although it is accurate that our ancestors ate only unprocessed food and had constant activity, some ancient remains indicate around similar circumstances of modern-day cancer. In addition, the cavemen generally lived until about 18 years old, they did not ingest dairy, grains, salt or processed food, nor carbohydrates significant for our energy and brain function, salt for neural function, nor dairy in order to have strong bones.

Recommending the consumption of vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, olive oil, coconut oil, and mainly meats, fish and eggs, the Paleo diet ensures a higher intake of protein, fiber, potassium, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, mono and polyunsaturated fats, balanced consumption of Omega 3 and Omega 6 as well as lower intake of carbohydrates, sodium.

Combined with intensive physical activity, the Paleo diet could assist your weight loss and help you maintain a healthier lifestyle. Are you willing to make these significant changes and adopt Paleo’s eating practices?

Lipo 13 – Weight loss without side effects

There is a new slimming pill available on market that really seems to work. Manufactured by a reputable European company, Echopharma, Belgium, and created to assist weight loss, Lipo 13 contains thirteen natural compounds.

Including clinically tested ingredients and having a 14-day money back guarantee, the only cons Lipo 13 has are the price, slightly expensive and the fact that it is not recommended for individuals with heart diseases, due to the caffeine containing.

Claimed to suppress the appetite, reduce the fat storage, burn the calories and stimulate the metabolism, Lipo 13 looks pretty amazing. Available for both women and men, this diet product promotes weight loss without side effects.

The providers of Lipo 13 state that Lipo 13 is an efficient weight loss product that makes use of extended release technology pills, offering a slow release and with a long lasting effect.  The minerals and vitamins are healthy and secure compounds that assist the weight loss process, making the dieting experience more effective and considerably easier.

Entirely conforming to European safety standards and sold across Europe under the name Lipo XR, Lipo 13 contains the next powerful and secure ingredients:

Citrin HCA (1500mg) – which is a Garcinia Cambodgia fruit extract- proven to suppress appetite, prevent fat accumulation and help the fat reduction.

Green Tea Extract (200mg) – a great antioxidant that boosts the metabolism, burns fat and offers more energy to sustain the daily workout necessary to lose weight in a safe way.

Forslean (200mg) – Coleus Forskolin Extract – a natural fat burner, also known for its help in diseases like glaucoma and asthma.

Guarana seeds (150mg) – appetite suppressant, metabolism booster.

Yerba Mate (150mg) – an herb rich in antioxidants and minerals that stimulates the organism and burning the calories, similar to caffeine.

Bioperine (10mg) – Black Pepper Extract, considered to improve the absorption of the other substances. It also raises the energy levels, supports weight loss and increases the thermogenic activity of the body, which means that Bioperine helps burning even more calories.

L-Carnitine (100mg) – a tested potent fat burner that improves physical performance.

Magnesium (20mg) – an important mineral that converts food into energy, helping the body to digest, absorb and utilize proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Even more, this compound is rumour to help preventing obesity genes from expressing themselves.

L-Tyrosine (15mg) – reduces stored fat, brings a significant help in stress disorders and depression.

Zinc (8mg) – raises the metabolic rate, helping the weight loss, raising the immunity and controlling the appetite.

Vitamin B6 (5mg) – breaks down carbohydrates and fats.

Chromium – suppress the appetite, fights against food craving and increases the energy levels.

All these ingredients make Lipo 13 a potent weight loss product. Not recommended during pregnancy or when breastfeeding, nor to individuals with blood pressure problems, heart or vascular problems, everyone who wants to ingest Lipo 13 should consult a doctor in advance.

Available online, it could be purchased on advantageous packages and it could be used even for a long period. If you want to lose weight, get more details about this product and it could actually work for you.


Acai Plus Extreme – a significant appetite suppressant

If you are looking for an efficient diet supplement with natural ingredients that actually works and helps you lose weight, you should take a look at Acai Plus Extreme.

Acai Plus Extreme is a diet product that includes in its composition powerful weight loss ingredients, making this supplement one of the best on market. Known to have anti-obesity proprieties, the main ingredient of Acai Plus Extreme is Acai Berry Fruit. They contain many antioxidants, fiber, protein, omega oils, vitamins and minerals, all these nutrients that assist fat burning and help reducing the excessive weight of the body.

The other ingredients that also contribute to the effectiveness of Acai Plus Extreme are extracts from Green Tea, Guarana Seed and Chromium Polynicotinate.

The Green Tea Extract is known for its result in weight loss. Increasing the energy levels, boosting the metabolism and giving the consumers extra energy to assist them during the physical exercises, the Green Tea Extract also suppresses the appetite, offers protection against the damaging free radicals and slows down the ageing process.

The Guarana Seed Extract is very often used for weight loss, because it increases the athletic performance, reduces the mental and physical fatigue, prevents malaria and dysentery, fights against fever, some heart problems, stress, joint pain, backache and even headache.

Chromium Polynicotinate is a significant appetite suppressant that helps the consumers during diets and food cravings. Improving blood sugar control, lowering the bad cholesterol and raising the good one, it is also a great ingredient used for depression. The Chromium is known for increasing muscle and decreasing the body fat, which is why it is so often included in products designed for weight loss.

Clinically proven and secure for the dietary needs of anyone who desires to lose weight, Acai Plus Extra detoxifies the organism, cleaning the digestive system, boosts the immune system and metabolism, lowers the blood pressure, burns fat, reduces the calories and suppresses the appetite. Acai Plus Extra is also good for the heart, it helps relieving stress and represents an amazing weight loss formula.

The vitamins and minerals contained assist maintaining a healthy life, due to the fact it includes only pure and natural compounds. If over-consumed, the caffeine from Acai Plus Extreme could produce unwanted side effects, like insomnia or anxiety. If suffering from heart diseases, high blood pressure, thyroid or prostate conditions, you are advised not to take Acai Plus Extreme.

It is wise to consult your doctor first before deciding to ingest Acai Plus Extreme. For more efficiency in the weight loss process, consumers of this product should also follow a diet program and a daily workout.

Having a 30-day full money back guarantee for the unopened bottles, it could be a great opportunity for people who look for an assurance. The many positive client reviews indicates it is tested and could work for you, too.

Search more about this product, it can be purchased online and it may assist you while losing weight. Good luck!


The Mediterranean diet – A healthy lifestyle choice

The Mediterranean Diet is a contemporary nutritional recommendation inspired by the traditional dietary behaviours of Greece, Spain and Southern Italy. Its fundamental points involve proportionally high intake of legumes, olive oil, unrefined cereals, fruits and vegetables, moderate to high ingestion of fish, moderate intake of cheese, yogurt and wine and low consumption of meat products.

Embracing a Mediterranean diet can be simple and affordable. Medical studies have shown that following this kind of eating plan decreases the probability of developing health issues like heart disease, high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer and even obesity.

It is good to include a wide range of fruits and vegetables in the meals when following a Mediterranean diet. They contain great amounts of vitamins and minerals. It is recommended to replace salt with herbs that could bring completely new taste of food. This diet is not a rigorous list with food that should be eaten or what to avoid. It is more likely a technique for healthy eating each day, for a longer period.

The Mediterranean diet suggestions include maximizing the consumption of wholegrain cereals, legumes, vegetables and fruits, limiting the red meat and replacing it with fish and poultry. Also, replacing animal fat like butter or lard with mono-saturated olive oil or rapeseed oil is a major step. Limiting the ingestion of highly processed food, eating low-fat meals, not adding salt to meals and drinking wine during meals (but not more than two glasses per day) are other important principles of Mediterranean diet. The snacks proposed consist in fruits and nuts instead of biscuits or cakes and drinking water rather than sugary drinks are suggested. A total of five portions of fruit and vegetables every day are the ideal.

The vegetables and fruits with plenty of fiber, antioxidants and vitamin C like cabbage, onion, cucumber, spinach, carrots, broccoli, garlic, grapes, oranges, bananas, apples, olives and many other assist reducing risk of cancer and bowel problems, as well as heart and vascular disease.

The wholemeal cereals are also recommended when having a Mediterranean diet. Included in musli, bread, spaghetti, biscuits among other products, they contain many nutrients such as proteins, vitamins, fiber, minerals, carbohydrate and even anti-inflammatory agents.

The legumes that grow in pods, white, oily fish and the Seafood have, too, many important compounds that could help reducing the risk of developing some diseases, making us healthier and improving a better lifestyle.

There are many food recipes based on the Mediterranean diet available online, as well as books and magazines in stores. You just have to find what suites you best, eat the healthy food that you like and combine it with a daily routine of workouts. It will keep anyone’s weight under control.

Being a healthy lifestyle choice, the Mediterranean diet is certainly a way to reduce the risk of premature death, promising a long, healthy life with no need of taking long-term medications.

Lose weight – Become healthier

Many people ignore today the importance of maintaining their health. We lead stressful existences and we tend to disregard the health problems caused by the tension and pressure that we accumulate every day. Everything changes in our lives, and so are our eating habits.

We don’t have enough time for us, so we start eating junk food.  This way, many useless and harmful substances are absorbed into our bodies. The processed and excessive unhealthy food transforms into excessive weight, making us increase the body weight, fat and overweight, causing many kinds of diseases, like diabetes, heart disease and even cancer.

In order to fight against the excessive fat, people start a weight loss program. Or maybe more. Health and fitness centers try to make people careful about their health, healthy food diet, workout exercises and they actually assist them to lose weight.

If you are overweight and haven’t already consulted an experienced dietician, you should do it as soon as possible. He will create the best diet for your needs, a fitness routine that could be entertaining, which would motivate you to reduce the excessive weight. A diet plan and better eating practices are also required. Your dietician will guide you for as long as you need, helping you gaining the shape you desire and get rid of fat.

But if you wish to lose weight without consulting a specialist, there are many things you should consider. You have to establish a healthy eating plan and you can try to find the best diet online. There are many available diet programs, you just have to discover what suits you best. Do not misjudge the importance of daily exercises, because this routine regulates the flow of oxygen in your organism, normalizing the proper flow of blood and make you become healthier.

Healthy eating habits along with regular workouts will certainly produce positive results. Weight loss is not at all an easy task, it demands intense exercises, a great motivation and many optimism. But with a good will, nothing is impossible. Talk to your doctor, ask the support of your family and friends, be prepared for this challenge and do not give up!

Be smart about weight loss, burn more calories than your body absorbs, have an intense physical activity and include in your diet many fruits. The fruits will give you the necessary amount of vitamins and minerals, a great energy with a small amount of calories.

If you encounter severe health problems because of your weight, it is better to discuss it with your doctor. He could indicate you the best diet supplements for you, the medication or even a weight loss surgery. He will describe you the possible risks or the side effects, introducing you the diet program that you need and which could work for you.

Establish some goals, determine what you hope to achieve with this weight loss and imagine how healthy and confident you will feel when the first results arise.

Are you ready for this challenge?